Angel Marble Statue Introduction:

This angel marble statue is about Eros, who was a god of love in ancient Greek mythology. We choose this figure because he had the capability to make god love humans. This statue was made of white marble, which has a good texture, giving you a feeling of cleaning, and we made it extremely lifelike. In a sense, it stands for romance. When you see this life-size angel statue, you will automatically associate it with romance, spouse, lover, or someone you have admired for a long time. So, please buy it and make your outdoor garden romantic.

Angel Love Marble Statue Introduction:

High quality of Marble Statue:

This marble angel statue uses the white natural marble produced in Hunan, China. This kind of marble is pure natural marble, with a natural texture on the surface, which is very beautiful. In addition, it has a top-quality material: firm and durable. We all choose the superior quality of this kind of marble, to make our statue not only have a good quality interior but also look more beautiful exterior.

Our sculptures are well-carved, beautiful, and perfect from any angle. This is because our angel sculptors are experienced and skillful. They have several years of experience, and they have created countless excellent works. Each angel statue born from them appears alive. Moreover, we have the strictest polishing standards, so after polishing, the statue is much bright.

High Quality of Marble Statue


Advantages of Company Service:

We would pack the statue in good condition to prevent any damage during transportation. Moreover, we will purchase insurance services for each statue. Our delivery time is faster, and we will broadcast product logistics information for you in real-time during the whole transportation process. If you have some questions, you can ask our customer service staff, and they will answer your questions as soon as possible. Furthermore, if there are any problems after installing, you can also tell us, and we will contact our maintenance personnel to repair.

Advantages of Company Service


We also have some similar hand-carving angel statues. If you have any questions about this statue or you want to buy some statues, which have the same series, you can consult us, and we will be happy to answer your questions. What are you waiting for? Contact us soon, we will offer you the best discount.